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Decide on the target market for your shoes and decide whether you'll create them for men, women or kids. Choose the kind of shoes you'll make by selecting purpose or the function of the shoes. Determine whether they'll be formal, informal, sports shoes, sandals or another design. Select brand of your shoes and establish the budget you may use to start your own retail shoe business. or the name

Decide on the number of shoes you wish to sell and budget so. Secure the materials for making your shoes. You will need to do quite a bit of research to ensure you purchase stuff of high quality at a competitive price. Examples of substances you may need include leather, canvas and rubber.

Use an industry standard size chart to decide the correct sizes you will make. Have work table and a workspace to assemble the shoes. Get a merchandise sample made.

Contact the factory or manufacturer of your preference and get your samples made. Nearly all manufacturers and shoe factories are in Italy, China and Portugal.

Used designer shoes

Review your samples and ensure they fulfill quality standards and your design. Proceed to sign a contract with the producer or factory to create a complete line of your shoes

Quality check each thing you'll sell to ensure they're all well made with no defects. Package your shoes, label them to ensure they are prepared on the market. You can use shoe boxes or totes to sell to retail customers.

To approach local boutique owners to place your shoes for sale within their shop or sell your shoes to some retail marketplace, sell them online. The owners may wish to purchase your shoes outright or put take them on consignment.

Open put your handmade shoes or an on-line storefront website for sale on websites like Etsy or Sense of Vogue to reach retail customers. Get a web site designer to create an an interactive site that is online with ecommerce abilities to sell your shoes on the Internet.

Sell your shoes to retail stores by attending trade fairs for example the New York Shoe Expo and the World Shoes and Accessories Show.

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